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Back at Camp

I arrived here in Missouri and immediately was filled with excitement, not just at the privilege to be here and reconnect with good friends, but at what I believe God is going to do this week. It been a few years since I was at youth camp, so I came up a day early to acclimate and work through any anxieties before the week started. To “my” surprise, my friends and I picked up where we left off like our last time together was just yesterday instead of years ago.

After some time bringing each other up to speed, I decided to walk the camp as is my custom. I was overwhelmed with joy, wonder and awe. I settled right into camp mode without a moment of hesitation. It is true that whatever God calls you to, He equips and provides for. I sense a stirring like I haven’t sense in a while, and I am very expectant.

I did not sleep well as I hoped, but that’s ok since my mind and spirit dwelled on the week ahead. I was up at 5am, like every Sunday, and began with a cup of coffee and the Word. I went for a 3 mile walk and faithfully the Lord began to speak, and these words kept ringing in my spirit…“Everything that has breath…”

Please pray and agree with me during this week that the hand and voice of God will be upon me, the youth will see and hear Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit will move in the lives of “everything that has breath” at camp. Amen!

I don’t have Internet at the moment, but will try to post via my BlackBerry as often as possible. Forgive any spelling and/or grammar errors.

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