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Chanclas For Kenya

Chanclas for Kenya

While on our trip to the village of Sikalame, Kenya, we visited the local schools. It was lunchtime, so the children were released to go home, eat and return to complete their school day. As we were walking the red dirt trail, our COO, David Crumpton, and I noticed most of the children were barefoot. We thought to ourselves that flip-flops, also known as “Chanclas” in Texas only cost between $3-$5, and we could put something on the feet of each child for very little money.

Out of this experience, “Chanclas for Kenya” was birthed. For as little as $5, we could put chanclas on the feet of 1-2 children. The village of Sikalame has 3 primary schools with 400-500 children each. Therefore, we are raising funds to put “Chanclas” on each child’s feet for our next trip in 2018.

If you would like to give towards this project, please visit our “Donate” page. After you choose the amount you would like to give, check the box marked: “I would like to designate this donation to a specific fund”. In the “Designated Fund:” drop-down box, choose “Project: Chanclas for Kenya”.

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