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Embarking with a need…bibles

As I prepare to head to the airport for my third mission trip to Africa, my partner & I have been presented with a great need. Many of the pastors and ministers we will be spending our time with over the next 2 weeks do not have a bible. Not only do they not have bibles, but many in their church do not as well. These ministers and their people live in remote villages where every day life is a challenge, and overcoming sickness, starvation and death more important than buying a book. For the ministers, it is a difficult to proclaim the gospel of Christ without having His word in hand to read and nurture their people.

Most of us in the US have at least one bible in our home, more often several in different colors, types and translations. Sadly, there are more bibles in American homes that never get dusted off, opened and read than there are in the many third world nations that do get read. When a bible is available it is ripped apart and distributed so everyone has at least one page of the Word to read and memorize.

Since this is fairly short notice and we are traveling light, we don’t have time to take up a collection of bibles to carry with us. We have several distribution houses in Kenya where we will be purchasing bibles when we arrive. We have received a donation from a church in Missouri and I have received a gift from a co-worker that will be used to purchase what we can; however, it will be a very small quantity. Therefore, I am asking for donations so we can purchase as many as we can to give to each pastor and minister, as well as send some back to their villages to distribute.

In order for me to have access to these donations while I am in country, I am requesting all to be given via PayPal. If you would like to help purchase bibles for our brothers and sisters in Uganda and Kenya, please click the “Donate” button.

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