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Grateful for the simple things

Our first night, or should I say morning, in Uganda was somewhat uneventful. We arrived at 1:30am after a 2 hour delay in Brussels, Belgium to de-ice the plane. Although it was an inconvenience, I am very thankful the pilot didn’t try to fly with ice on the wings.

Jim & I are were parched, I didn’t realize how much water I consume or needed while traveling, but nothing stays open in Kampala for a couple of weary & thirsty Americans. Our host managed to find us a place to grab a couple bottles of water to get through the night. I love the fresh indoctrination of dust & diesel my lungs receive. I guess being thankful for safe travel & gracious host is appropriate here.

My room at the guest house is very simple. A guest house nothing more than a bed, toilet & safe cover from the elements & wiles of the night. I am so grateful for the bed & safe cover. My shower this morning was interesting. Not only was it cold, but I use the word “shower” lightly. It was more of a trickle, but at least I was able to clean the essential areas. I didn’t need to shave this morning, it will be a challenge when I do tomorrow with a sink falling from the wall, only cold water & no mirror. Did I mention how happy I am for the bed & shelter?

This is very much in line with what I will ministering on this week, which isn’t a surprise. God always walks me through the places He gives me opportunity to lead. Besides, you can’t preach or teach about something effectively if you’ve never walked through it. It’s going to be a great 2 weeks.

We are in Uganda this week, then Kenya through the weekend & first part of next week. Please keep us in your prayers. Lord willing, we will be purchasing bibles next week. There’s still time to support this effort. Visit my post: Embarking with a need…biblesor more information.

Endeavoring to impact my generation in Christ,

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