Missionaries to a Generation

It Begins

This is just a quick post, with many more to follow in the coming weeks & months. Today is a major milestone in the Miller family and ministry. My wife, Becky, is off on her very first mission trip ever, and it’s to communist China. I always thought I would be the one going to face the giants of atheism head on, but God always has a much better plan. Not only is she going on her first trip this year, but she will be going to Haiti in July and Kenya with me in November/December. By years end she will be 1 trip shy of me. Talk about a quick work!

For 20+ years in the our ministry, Becky has always been a faithful & suitable helper [one who provides a remedy], having my back, supporting my spiritual “fly by the seat of my pants” & “hair on fire” endeavors. Up until now, it’s been me in the forefront and she holding my arms in battle. Now God has revealed to her that she has a ministry mission race to run too. Father is showing her that she is equally, if not more, equipped to advance His Kingdom to the nations. For the first time I don’t have to drag her along for the ride, she is beginning her own race and she will run along side me, if not in front until we cross the finish line.

As I wrap this up, please pray for Becky and the team from River Stone Community Church over the next 2 weeks. They need our prayer covering and encouragement while they are there. I would also ask you to consider supporting our ministry as we take the gospel of Christ to the nations, making disciples, and caring for the poor, widows & orphans. For more information, visit our contact page and let’s do life in Christ & build Kingdom together.

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