Missionaries to a Generation

Like Minds and Like Purpose

After a long journey, very little sleep and dealing with some global data issues, I spent the day with Lawrence, our mission director, and several pastors of Nairobi. It was refreshing to break bread, fellowship and cast vision. There aren’t very men share my world view and walk out the Kingdom of God as I do. Even more amazing is how we have the same heart, mind and speak the same language.

Already my journey is a success. I’m encouraged and excited to do life and co-labor with these men. I pray God redeems the time I lost this past year because of the accident. There is so much work to be done.

I am staying with a Jamaican missionary from Canada, I’ll explain more when I’m not trying to type on my iPhone. She is a retired nurse who has a heart for the poor, orphans and widows of Kenya. We encouraged one another over coffee and breakfast. She is an amazing woman whose passion, commitment and work already puts me to shame. I look forward to our partnership, as well.

Tomorrow we leave early for Ugunja to meet with the village pastors for more fellowship, encouragement and vision casting. I’m not sure how much I’ll get to post with limited data and no WIFI. Please pray for me, the orphans, widows and pastors. We are setting our course, making it sure and nothing is going to hold us back.


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