Missionaries to a Generation


Macedonia was the very first missionary journey for James, in 2003, while a youth minister for the Pentecostal Church of God. Our host missionaries, Ed & Gayla Bolay, presented the team with some great opportunities including street ministry, an outreach to the gypsy’s in a garbage dump, home visits, baptisms and church crusades. We experienced the power of the Holy Spirit with manifestations of physical healing, spiritual deliverance and prophetic impartation.

It has been many years since we embarked on this first mission; however, God has opened the door for us to return. We are praying, planning and believing to join our friends and co-laborers Ed & Gayla once again to advance the Kingdom of Christ in Macedonia. Much has changed since our first visit. The Macedonians, Albanians and Greeks have reconciled many of their differences. The native mission and ministry teams are working more autonomously and cohesively as a body. There is still very much work to spread the true gospel of Christ to this spiritually and culturely oppressed nation. Please contact us for more information, or if you would like to sponsor this trip, visit our donate page.