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Most Welcome…

Our time in Uganda has come to an end. I am sorry for not posting yesterday. There was a power outage & my phone battery was too low to type & post.

The last 2 days have been amazing. Ugandans are very beautiful & amazing people. The pastors & ministers we had the privilege of teaching this week are the most gracious I have met. I can actually say this of all the East African men of God I have met over the year. We are greeted daily with a friendly smile & “Most Welcome to Uganda”. The hospitality is overwhelming.

In addition to the kindness we have been shown, they hunger & thirst for a fresh Word of the Lord. I don’t experience the same level of hunger & chasing after the Lord in the U.S. as I have during my journeys to Africa. My mission partner, Jim White, and I have spoke to them concerning these topics: “Failure is NOT Fatal”, “Overcoming the fear of failure”, “The Gospel in the Dwelling Place” and “Not called to do church, but to BE CHURCH”. The Word has been received with gladness and my prayer is it will bare fruit.

Many more relationships have been built, as well reuniting with my dear friend Apostle Rogers Sserwadda. I was introduced to John Kayima who operates an orphanage here in Kampala. Jim actually met him in Joplin, MO and it was such a blessing to connect with him. Because of time, we are not able to visit, but I have his contact information and he makes many trips to the U.S. We embark shortly to head into the Kenyan bush to train pastor & ministers there as well. I so love Africa and am humble I get to share my heart with these amazing people.

Please continue to pray for us as we continue to minister this week in Kenya. I will attempt to post each day, as the Lord wills and third world conditions accommodate. Thank you for joining me on the journey.


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