Missionaries to a Generation

Not of this World

This is day 3 of camp, and I am filled with excitement and expectancy. The last 2 nights were amazing and God met the students here.

Sunday night, I spoke on breathing the promises and calls of past camps and encounters with the Lord. Then the team ministered to every youth and adult who believed they are called into ministry. The spirit moved among us to declare those promises anew, speak encouragement and confirmation, and cover them with peace, confidence, patience and perseverance.

Last night was special. The Spirit moved on the youth during worship with absolutely no prompting from man. They fell on their faces crying out, weeping and pouring out of themselves to Father. The Lord did NOT need us or our agenda to touch them. I spoke on not being of this world and defined by our culture. Our culture is “American Christian” and not Christ Kingdom. Since there was already a response to the Spirit at the beginning, I was not compelled to repeat so we just glorified God in praises and the Holy Spirit moved again upon the place.

The place erupted in spontaneous worship and was filled with his presence. Youth and adults were falling to their knees & faces all over. I was ministered to and several things were broken, released and confirmed in my life, family and ministry.

I’ve never seen a youth camp like this one. Traditionally it takes 2 days for the youth to be broken before they are even open to the move of the Spirit, but they came broken, sensitive and prepared to meet God. This generation is tired of playing church as we know it and truly hungry to follow Christ. The
kingdom of darkness is in big trouble, if camps and churches around the country begin to drop the traditional church shackles and walk in the freedom of the Spirit they were created to walk in.

We still have 2 more nights. How much of God’s glory, presence and Spirit can an earthly body endure? We are about to find out. God told Moses in
Exodus, “No man can see my face and live.” These youth have died to self and culture, and the Spirit of the living God is breathing life into these dead and dry bones. Oh what a mighty army of Christ followers that will be released into this world. “Get Ready, get ready, get ready”, as T.D. Jakes would say.

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