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Polar Vortex = Coffee Time

I love coffee. I’ve had coffee from all over the world, and most of it while actually in the country of origin. There is nothing more refreshing in the morning than a fresh hot, brewed to perfection, personal cup of coffee.

Unlike many of my morning java compadres, I don’t need coffee to wake me up, help me start my day or redirect a malfunctioning social attitude adjustment so I can engage with other people in civility and face my day. I just love the aroma, flavor and comfort it brings. Not to mention the ambient noise from the baristas of my local coffee shops to provide the needed subconscious distractions that sooth my ADD into a focused, highly motivated and productive machine.

Sorry, I digressed… With the coming polar vortex ushering the first snowfalls of 2014, the cooler temperatures translate into highly favorable coffee time opportunities. Of course, I can find anything as an opportunity to enjoy a cup. Speaking of opportunities…

Breathe International is partnered with Just Love Coffee to offer Premium Fair Trade coffee that gives back. $5 of each bag of coffee purchased is donated to Breathe to support our mission projects in Kenya.

Currently, we raise support to educate and feed almost 50 street children at a school, in Eldoret, we started about 2 years ago. Additionally, we provide much needed HIV medication to several of those children. The children received books, uniforms, new desks and even an addition to the building this year. We raise enough to pay the teachers and a cook.

In the past, we’ve provided micro business loans to several widows, who now are self supporting with their own fruit and vegetable stands. Combating poverty through education is giving these children the fighting opportunity not only to survive, but to thrive.

With the holidays just around the corner, this is a great time to sow into the hearts and lives of these amazing children. If coffee is not your thing, please consider giving a love gift that will go to forever changes their lives. Click here -> donate give your gift.


James & Becky Miller
“Missionaries to a Generation”

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