Missionaries to a Generation

Brittany Miller

Chief Financial Officer

I was born and raised in the church, but I never truly understood what it meant to have a relationship with Christ. The older I got, the further I ran away from God. It wasn’t until after I had graduated from college and was living on my own, that I hit a breaking point and the only way up was through Him. I rediscovered who I really am and my identity in Christ, I developed a relationship with Christ and learned to walk with Him daily. I finally understood His love for me and that no matter what I had done or how far I had run, He never left my side. I was blessed with two God-fearing parents that never gave up on me and never stop praying and believing in me. They have shown me what it’s like to live a life that is Christ-centered, which isn’t always easy, and means going wherever you are called.

I went on my first missions trips in 8th grade, to Mexico, to share God’s love through sports to children of a local orphanage in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. It was an amazing, fulfilling and life-changing experience. Since then my desire to do unto the least of these has only grown stronger. Even when I was living a life full of sin, I still had a desire to help others. In Matthew 25, God says “whatever you have done for the least of these, so you have done for me.” This verse has been on my heart for a long time, and with more intensity as I have found my way back to God and continue to grow in my faith and relationship with Him.

Now that I have graduated from Baylor University with a Master of Accountancy & Bachelor of Business Administration,  I feel it is time to serve in my calling. By being open to the people and situations God places in front of you, the opportunities to serve Him and share the Gospel are endless. I am so excited to see the ways God is working in my life and to see His plans unravel for me and to just be able to walk in everyday life with Him and feel His overwhelming love.

I have had a heart for Africa since I was little and I am blessed to serve alongside my father and CEO, James Miller Jr, as we grow our missions in Kenya, and abroad. I also love that God can use my love for sports, I have played since I could walk, and my degrees in business to serve as different ways of reaching His children. Wherever He calls me and whatever His will is, I pray that He uses me to share this great love to the least of these.