Missionaries to a Generation

James Miller Jr


I grew up in a home where I was allowed to search and choose my own spiritual path. The son of a career US Army soldier, who was raised agnostic, and a mother who was raised in a devout Catholic home. Religion was never forced on me, and spirituality was a journey I pursued independently of traditional evangelical influence and expression. I lived life for me, and no one else. My golden rule was everyone I met only had one purpose, and that was to help me fulfill whatever I desired, at whatever cost, and without total regard for their emotions. That was until I met my wife. She was raised in a Christian home and introduced me to church. I went only as a condition for spending time with her, and along the way, I had a life-changing experience with Christ. It wasn’t via the typical evangelical method, and my over 30 years as a believer and minister have been nothing, but out of the ordinary.

In my pursuit to know Christ more intimately, I had a vision of being on mission and speaking to a crowd of people. At second glance into the vision, I realized they were African, and at that moment it became clear I was called to be a missionary to Africa. As my years of spiritual maturity evolved, I have become more in tune that I am not just a missionary to a continent, but to my generation. Foreign missions are only a small part of whom God has called me to be. During my journey, I have been privileged to spend time in different roles, and countries sharing, not only the gospel of Christ but imparting my knowledge and experience in leadership, business and mission training. You can view my personal bio at jamesmillerjr.net if you’re interested; however, my passion for mission, and to fulfill my life in Christ can be summed up in the following:

VISION: I live to impact my generation with an imprint worth emulating.

MISSION: I am a missionary to my generation, building community relationships, and discipling individuals to fulfill their Kingdom destiny with conviction, passion, and purpose through spiritual development, empowerment, and selfless service.

PURPOSE: Impart practical leadership skills to business professionals, ministers, and students globally. Influence leaders around the world to create the atmosphere for success in their daily life rhythms. Encourage individuals to seize every opportunity to serve their generation in love, grace, and mercy. Leave this life with a legacy of transformed lives.

MOTTO: I am defined by my actions, not my title. I am known for my response, not my rhetoric. I am remembered for my character, not my success. I am a “Missionary To A Generation”