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Surviving is not enough…Teach them to THRIVE!

We’ve all heard the advertisements on radio, TV & social media how you can feed a child in a 3rd world country for $0.33 a day. It’s true, if you cut out one caramel mocha latte a week, you could donate almost $30 per month and feed 3 children.

However, it’s more than just feeding them. Many are infected with disease that needs treatment, not mention most will never get an education, and then there is the grieving reality that many die before they reach adulthood. Sure we can get by, ease our conscience & feel good by sending a token donation, but if we really want to impact a poor or orphaned child in a third world country…consider this.

At Breathe, we don’t just want to feed & fill their tummies. We want to educate them out of their poverty. We started like most traditional missions with a feeding project to nourish the orphans in Eldoret, Kenya. Then we moved to a micro-business start-up project. Now we have a full-blown elementary education project.

In 4 years, we starting feeding 13 orphans & 7 widows. We’ve seen 3 widows move into self-sustaining micro-businesses who are supporting most of the original orphans we cared for. Now we are educating these same orphans, as well as 30+ others, employing the widows as teachers, caregivers & cooks. Providing them a sustainable and reproducing model to nourishment, health and education. (Click to read New School Year post)

God has been faithful with the little we received and multiplied to meet all the needs, but there is still so much more we could do. We started with what was in our hands and have seen God redeem from doing very little, to a little more and into doing much. Right now this project is in only 1 of the many areas that need assistance. Sadly, most of the western funds funnel into Nairobi and never make their way into the rural towns, let alone the villages or the bush.

Having spent considerable time in these villages and bush, seeing these little ones dance, sing and display so much joy in spite of their poverty and hunger is amazing. They don’t need us to give them handouts, but they do needs us to prime the pump and point them in the right direction. We need to teach them, lead them and create space for them to work into an atmosphere and culture of success.

For $10 per month, you can feed a child; $25 feed, medicate & clothe a child; and for $50 you can do all the above and educate them out of their poverty. Instead of just sending a token to keep food in their bellies and meeting the bare minimum for survival, we’re praying you will consider making a “LIFE” investment in complete wellness of their future…body, mind and spirit.

Surviving is not enough…Teach them to THRIVE!

Please visit our DONATE page to partner with us. It starts with what’s in our hands, then have faith to watch God increase the results for His glory.

Humble Regards,

James Miller Jr”
Missionary to a Generation”

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