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Seeds are planted

Sitting in the bus station in Kampala, Uganda after an almost 5 hour ride that began at around 2:30am. Crossing the Uganda/Kenya border is an experience. We faired well going Kenya, so we weren’t concerned coming back. Our mission here is done for the moment, but far from complete. The

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Most Welcome…

Our time in Uganda has come to an end. I am sorry for not posting yesterday. There was a power outage & my phone battery was too low to type & post. The last 2 days have been amazing. Ugandans are very beautiful & amazing people. The pastors & ministers

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Welcome to our slum

Yesterday we toured the area of Kampala, Uganda where our host lives & pastor Living Vessels Church. Much like Kenya, there are plentiful streams of raw sewage mingling with natural run off. The streets, alleys, pathways & any other available space is polluted with garbage. The people make a living

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