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Welcome to our slum

Yesterday we toured the area of Kampala, Uganda where our host lives & pastor Living Vessels Church. Much like Kenya, there are plentiful streams of raw sewage mingling with natural run off. The streets, alleys, pathways & any other available space is polluted with garbage. The people make a living much in the manner they live, in make shift shacks that don’t seem to have any order & not very sanitary. As we were walking about, one of the church mothers greeted us…”Welcome to our slum.” I can’t describe the grief & sadness I felt, but was encouraged to know I am not here in vain.

I learned so much about Ugandan history & culture, as well all of East Africa. The nation is plentiful in fruit, all types that I have never heard or seen before. It is rich in raw natural resources, but like most African nations political corruption, criminal manipulation & western exploitation keep the people poor, starving & diseased while making the elect & select few wealthy. It is a cycle that I fear they learned from the west. My number one question…”Where is the church?”

Sadly, many of the riches men & largest businesses are churches. Some would shout hallelujah & praise the Lord; however, I have witnessed equal, if not more, corruption & deception among the church leadership. They have learned to beg for hand outs from the west, fleece their own sheep & do what ever is necessary to “succeed”. Church is about numbers, money & influence instead of the Gospel.

Today we begin doing what we came to do…teach the leadership. Most times it’s an exercise in futility to deprogram a “church” culture that appears to bear much fruit, but has had limited to no impact on the nation. We may not change the nation of Uganda this week, but if we can turn the hearts, minds & purposes of few true Christ following believers, they will change their own nation. Christ never instructed us to build His church. Our mandate is to seek His Kingdom & righteousness & make disciples. It is He who builds & grows the church.

Please continue to pray for our journey as we endeavor to share Christ & His true gospel. Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.

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