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What is in your hand?

For years I have been a typical “faithful christian”. You know the type…church going, tithe giving, word speaking, sign up for the comfortable and safe things at church, but not really stepping out of my safe zone with true Kingdom intentions in my heart. Don’t get me wrong, I have had my share of involuntary exercising “Great Faith” moments, but they were more growth pushes from Father than unconditional “trust Him” steps according to His will. Even now I can’t believe how challenging it is to just do, walk and GO where He leads. Most of my reservations were fear and pride motivated. I’m sure you can relate…“what if I didn’t hear right”, “what if I fail”, “what will people say about me”, “I don’t have enough”, “I’ll do it when I am at a certain position or my finances are at a certain place” “blah”, “blah”, “blah”. Until recently, I still struggled with this in my walk, as I’m sure you have too.

The past 2 years Becky and I have just been bombarded with the Kingdom. Our missions last year took us to China, Haiti, Uganda and Kenya. We were exposed to poverty, disease, brokenness, destitution, corruption, hopelessness and even death. The pictures of God’s people, especially widows and orphans, remain permanently etched in the forefront of our minds, where they had been nothing more than fleeting glimpses of a world that we couldn’t believe really existed outside our comfort and safety in San Marcos, TX. Our cry has often been Lord do something or give us what is needed so we can do it! Even though we traveled and saw first hand the need for not only the Savior, but the Healer, Deliverer, Comforter and Provider too, we somehow managed to find contentment in the fact that we have done our part, or enough by going.

This year, we have made some Kingdom decisions that we have no idea how they will be accomplished, but GOD! I keep hearing “What is in your hand?” We no longer have the luxury of waiting until the conditions and resources are perfectly aligned. Each moment we delay…a life, physically and spiritually, hangs in the balance. It is not up to me to provide for the Kingdom, that’s the Lords, but it is up to me to go and be an ambassador of His Kingdom. Having said that, we have agreed to provide spiritual oversight to several pastors and churches in Kenya, distribute bibles translated in the native tongue of these pastors, and provide care for 5 widows and 14 orphans.

This morning as I was sending the funds we have raised so far to our host, this is what I was praying and hope you will agree with us:

  • as the pastors read and teach from these bibles, God’s word will come alive in the hearers; conviction will convert them from sin to light; children will be healed, families restored and communities changed for the glory of God
  • the food purchased to feed the widows and orphans will be abundant, nourishing and even healing; lack and poverty will begin to diminish; disease and fear will flee; the light of Christ will restore hope and reveal His promises

I pray you will continue to stand with us in prayer and support.

In Christ,


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