Missionaries to a Generation

Where the Spirit of the Lord is

As I seek clarity for the final service of this camp, I am reflecting on all God has done this week in the lives of these campers and staff. Last night we were in service for 6 hours. That’s right 6 hours.

The Spirit of the Lord moved on the place and we witnessed God heal family relationships, deliver youth and adults from sexual sin, failing marriages, physical abuse, addictions and the bondage of bitterness. No one left who needed healing, deliverance and restoration. I asked a rhetorical question in yesterdays post about how much more of Gods glory can the human body endure. He answered with, as long as they are hungry and thirsty for my glory and righteousness, I WILL FILL THEM.

So I go into tonight’s service with absolutely no human words, intellect or direction. I am only compelled to be hungry and thirsty for more of His glory, in my life and the lives of the youth and staff. I am confident the Holy Spirit will not disappoint and we will be most satisfied as He is MOST GLORIFIED.

Will you agree with me in prayer for tonight? The lives of many of these youth and staff hang in the balance. They have been set free, FREE INDEED, and where the Spirit of the Lord is…THERE IS LIBERTY & FREEDOM.

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